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BESPOKE Resilience Program

Resiliency Building Program: Research has shown that startup founders and entrepreneurs who are highly resilient are more successful and have greater levels of adaptive capacity which leads to more growth in their business and better performance of their teams.

How often have investment groups funded a startup with significant upside/potential, then discovered that the founder and key executives fall significantly short of expectations due to “buckling” under the weight of investor demands, family and employee pressures, isolation, and behavioral disruption?

Bespoke Professional Group offers a service to investor groups to reduce anxiety, stress, and the risk of founder “burnout” by facilitating an extended, comprehensive, focused, and multi-modality 12-month program that increases resiliency skills at its core. Understanding and further developing founder/leader resiliency strengths, as well as resiliency deficits, will strengthen key executives, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and investor success.

Learn to manage stress, increase motivation, and build higher levels of personal satisfaction.

Develop new skills to stay ahead of burnout, anxiety and avoid potentially disruptive behaviors.

Receive long-term personalized coaching support to offset the usual founder/entrepreneur isolation.

Expand leadership skills that will significantly accelerate your business growth.