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“BESPOKE has been invaluable to our organization over the past five years. The list of contributions is long – from developing effective teams, designing systems, and improving our culture to evaluating our program and providing objective feedback with expertise and efficiency. The rewards have set us up for long-term success.”

Dr. Greg Hobelmann, Co-CEO/President at Ashley Addiction Treatment

“Leonard Bade and I have worked closely together for 40 years. We have shared a common passion for integrity and energy. While on the board of directors at The Betty Ford Center, I was instrumental in having him hired to lead an important initiative with our alumni program, which he proceeded to take over with thoroughness and passion beyond description.”

Geoffrey Mason, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Member

“Bespoke has been instrumental in my work catapulting productivity and efficiency through leadership development and teamwork. Although challenging to fully explain, Leonard has the innate ability to advance a group forward in a thoughtful way by demonstrating how values, trust, and confronting conflict and challenges within leadership groups are a healthy and natural cycle to evolve and deepen group dynamics and self-awareness. The investment of time results in a positive outcome – practical yet magical – and leads to improved profits.”

Nancy J. White, Managing Director of the Cliff House Maine


BESPOKE provides organizational consulting services combining years of leadership development, operations, and organizational excellence expertise.


BESPOKE provides a suite of resources for startup businesses and growth companies by specializing in intentional leadership, empowering high-performance teams, and creating dynamic cultures that result in improved performance and profitability.


BESPOKE facilitates individual and group experiences that build the resilience to navigate complex and changing business environments. Building synergy between individuals and teams creates a powerful and integrated organizational dynamic.

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Leonard Bade, Business Coach, Bespoke Professional Group



With over 35 years of extensive experience developing organizational excellence, instilling company vision, and developing dynamic strategies, Leonard has become a proven leader, results-oriented change agent, executive coach, and change management expert. He specializes in building and improving organizational cultures focused on collaboration, accountability, and service.


Jackie Pack: Social and Behavioral Expert Bespoke Professional Group



Jackie co-facilitates the Bespoke Leadership Intensive using her insight of others to connect participants to their purpose and personal mission. Jackie brings her calm demeanor and understanding of group dynamics to this immersive 5-day intensive, guiding participants to a deeper understanding of their leadership skills and personal strengths to navigate changing business dynamics.


James Ryan, Professional Counselor Bespoke Group



James has extensive clinical and leadership experience. In his practice, he specializes in working with adolescents and adults, as well as their families, addressing complex mental health needs. He continues his leadership development work with executive coaching clients, and routinely consults with organizations to optimize culture and team dynamics.


John Girard Technology Expert Bespoke Professional Group


John is a seasoned business leader and technology entrepreneur, with more than two decades of experience running and growing businesses in all economic climates. John most recently served as CEO of CIENCE, a top-of-funnel sales enablement company that helps clients fill sales pipelines more quickly. He now is an advisor, board member, and investor in early-stage businesses in the tech, AI, and wellness spaces.